Talk to AI with Friends

Effortlessly add AI powered by GPT-3.5 into your group chats. Just mention @AI to invite your intelligent virtual assistant to join the conversation. Wavelength is the first messaging app that lets multiple people talk to AI together.

Intuitive Threading

Say goodbye to confusing and cluttered group chats. Wavelength’s intuitive threading system allows you to have multiple simultaneous conversations in a group. Keep discussions organized and easy to follow.

End-to-End Encrypted

Conversations on Wavelength are private and secure, using state-of-the-art double ratchet end-to-end encryption. Only messages that mention @AI are unencrypted so that the bot can respond.

History Sync

The history sync feature makes group onboarding a breeze. When a new member joins, existing members will automatically re-encrypt and securely share recent message history. Wavelength is the first end-to-end encrypted messaging app to offer a feature like this.

Available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Android coming soon.

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